Zagreb is a city full of intrigue. A city which is considered to have a little touch of everything you’d expect from a European capital (but in small doses). It’s walkable, safe, has relatively cheap prices, and it’s a city with surprisingly friendly locals. What more could ever want? Come and explore Zagreb.

It’s a city of fine old-world buildings, with a lively arts scene combined with a multi-layered character clearly influenced by the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe.

Large squares sprinkled around the capital, and glorious Habsburg architecture of handsome buildings contrasted by the odd high-rise modern business block. Zagreb is a city with a delightfully-addictive café-culture scene, absorbing the easy-going air. With plentiful parks and visitor-friendly pedestrian zones, cobbled streets of the hilly Upper Town with real social atmosphere – Zagreb is a genuine European city full of urban energy, well worth getting to know.

With so much to experience, it’s often a challenge to fit everything into just a few days. However, here’s a short practical list of Zagreb highlights of “things to do” you can use as a starting point:


1. People watch on Ban Jelačić Square

There can only be one place to start in Zagreb, and that’s Trg Bana Jelačića (the main square). The real centre of the city. A lively spacious piazza surrounded by busy all-day cafe bars, overflowing with people. Clattering trams riding past newspaper kiosks, and the most popular meeting point in Zagreb. Have a coffee and people-watch for a while and this should start to give you some insight to the city (and the locals).


2. Visit Zagreb Cathedral

Just off the main square, you’ll set eyes upon Zagreb’s glorious Roman Catholic Cathedral and also the tallest building in Croatia. Gothic architecture features throughout the building with an interior rich in statues, paintings, and numerous inscriptions in Slavic script. A truly towering, impressive cathedral with spires that are clearly spotted from many locations across the city. A great dose of history. Certainly worth a visit.


3. Eat the Croatian way

As you may well have heard, one of the best things about visiting Zagreb and Croatia – is the food. And plenty of it! Even though you might spend just two or three days exploring the capital, this really is your chance to try out the tasty Croatian food. Where the city still lacks in choice of restaurants serving various ethnic food, it certainly makes up in quality and quantity! You’ll always eat well in Zagreb and can usually find the food bill won’t break your budget. Look out for gablec – served in many restaurants across Zagreb as a cheap (less than 5€), simple and delicious homemade lunch menu. The locals go for this on every lunch break – and so should you.


4. Visit the Antique Fair on British Square

If you’re planning to be in Zagreb on a Sunday morning – this is the one place we would strongly recommend not to miss. A buzzing, quirky antique market overflowing with curiosity and excitement. You’ll find everything and anything on sale at this ever popular open-air extravaganza. Old books and collectables, posters, coins to furniture, pianos, cutlery and classic football cards. You name it – they’ll probably have it. A real cultural treat for all antiquity fans which has become a Sunday morning social event in itself.


5. Sip coffee on Floral Square

Public squares play an important social role for the locals of Zagreb. Petar Preradović Square, but known affectionately to locals as Cvjetni trg – Floral square, is no exception. Due to the colourful flower stands upon the square, it has become a popular coffee-hotspot as one of Zagreb’s most loved meeting points. Although one of the smallest in size, it continues to overflow with friends sharing the latest gossip, business over coffee or simply the best people-watching venue in town.


6. Curiosity at the Museum of Broken Relationships

Whether you’re into art or not, the odd little venue of the Museum of Broken Relationships should be on the top of your museum must-see list. Since it opened its doors in 2011, it has started to become a real attraction of the capital and spark curiosity among visitors and locals alike. Step inside, and you’ll understand why. This small, amusing (and at times tearful) fun-loving exhibition celebrates romance gone wrong through quirky curious stories, accompanied by a supporting exhibit. With a friendly petite café with free WiFi, a great cup of coffee and homemade cookies there really isn’t any excuse to miss this off your list. 


7. Feel the local vibe at Dolac market

Experiencing a local market when discovering a European city, will always take you one step closer to the local vibe – in Zagreb’s case, Dolac market is where you need to be! Just off the main square, you’ll find this lively, energetic and noisy “farmer’s market” spread over two floors dedicated to everything from clothes, fruit & veg, meat, a fish market to dairy produce, bars and small snack-bars.

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