While you're with us in Zagreb why not indulge with a true sense of wellness? Since opening in 1997, the Tonus Beauty and Health Centre, has strongly focused on an individual approach caring for the medical and aesthetic concerns of each and every client.

The fully experienced and professional staff team, led by physical therapist Mirjana Sindičić, are specialists in post-operative lymphatic drainage. 

In this comfortable and relaxing setting, go ahead and indulge yourself with a soothing massage or perhaps cosmetic treatments. Simply, let our professional staff truly take care of inch of your body, while you fully relax your mind. Combining service, facilities, products and treatments, we can help you to revitalize and leave the stress behind.

The Tonus Health and Beauty Centre is located within the hotel facilities and remember, all hotel guests are entitled to use their 10% discount on any of the services.